Null Paradox "Gertrude & Grace"

Gertrude & Grace CD and downloads available!

Our music album “Gertrude & Grace” is now available on CD and downloadable songs!

Buy our CD Gertrude & Grace
Download our CD Gertrude & Grace or individual songs

You’re invited to join us at our upcoming live event at the Magic Bag Theater, Ferndale, Michigan, USA on February 11.

For more music, book, videos and photographs, join us in our Null Paradox Community

Lead vocals~Robyn Christine
Backing vocals~ Rachel Matz
Guitars~Chris Mick
Keyboards~Eric Prater
Drums~Dave Ziozios
Bass, keyboards, guitars~Tom Libertiny
Keyboards, guitars~Patrick Phillips
Guitars~Jake Rye
Trumpet~Mark Byerly

Concept, music and lyrics by Tom Libertiny
Produced by Patrick Phillips and Tom Libertiny at Real World Studios, England.
Engineered and mixed by Patrick Phillips
Mastered by Tim Oliver
Illustrations, art and CD layout by Ana Cruz
Band photography by Dave Lamarand
Hair and makeup by Sara Landis
Wardrobe consulting by Hieu Hart

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