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Book Excerpts

We’re excited to announce that we’ve published both an excerpt and full chapter from our book “Gertrude and Grace.” Excited because we get to share it with you!  And excited because we see the light at the end of the tunnel of writing and editing our book.


Here’s the very first few sentences from Chapter 0 “Before:”

“Hot steam whistled out of the typewriter’s overpressure vent, creating a swirling gray haze in Grace’s bedroom. She felt uncomfortable, trying to wish away the chill of the evening as she curled up in her chair.

We used to talk. I used to be able to relate to you.


To read the rest the excerpt join us for free in the Null Paradox Community at the Central level (Level 1) by clicking HERE.

To read the whole chapter, join us in the Null Paradox Community at the Ministry level (Level 2) by clicking HERE.


More excerpts to come!



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