Music review: 9 of 10 Stars

The idea for this novel album and book project came to freelance sound engineer Tom Libertiny when he was driving in a jet-black Mustang down a lonely road in Michigan. Gradually over many years a fully fledged band of top class musicians was formed to help Tom realise his musical vision, and the songs are intended to stand on their own as well as tie in with his soon to be published book. The theme is the choices that we make, some clearly obvious, some subtle, others seemingly trivial, that all have tremendous ramifications on our lives due to chaos theory, where dynamic situations produce unpredictable results. Musically they are somewhere between Mostly Autumn at their most rock and Foo Fighters. Shimmering Crystal Sherry has a Heather Findlay type voice with her ability to be ethereal, or powerful, or both at the same time. On CD Baby they are put in the “Jam- band” category which is as accurate as putting Black Sabbath in “Country”, it must be a mistake. Every song is lovingly crafted modern classic rock with a subtle tinge of gothic and blues, all superbly produced with a terrific sound by Tom and Jake Rye, including a fantastic drum sound, the sure sign of top quality engineering. This, the first part of a trilogy, is the sort of project that you would expect to be obscure, arty, weird and played in small dingy clubs, but it screams radio play and arenas, it has the power, scale and hugely commercial rock sound perfect for a top down cruise in a Mustang with your hair blowin’ free like a cornfield (bonus points for naming the band). Every track is a belter, whether its melodic rockers like ‘Valentines Day’ and ‘Orange and Purple Paradox’; or songs with a swinging groove such as ‘Small’ and ‘Glass Desert’ with its rolling piano riff and ripping trumpet solo (live video on Female Voices blog). If I was given the tough job of choosing a track to play on the radio I’d opt for the catchy groovy ‘My Sweet Hell’. Its decision time, do you head for their website and buy a copy, or miss out on this awesome rock record, its your call, a decisive 9/10 (Phil)

Phil Wooldridge, Ravenheart Music

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