Music review: 5 Stars, New Music Alternative

This debut CD from a new band features melodic sounds combining with a hard edge rock beat. Unique and without comparison in the current music scene. The sound reminds me of old Irish ballads put to modern rock when I hear the lilting quality to the singer’s voice. Her siren song pulls you into the world created by the music. The range of the vocals is impressive and her ability to jump from level to level demonstrates her talent. When listening to this album the one area where I feel it could be improved is in adding more depth to the music by incorporating backup singers to provide a contrast and enhance the lead vocals, which I believe they intend to do in their live shows.

Overall I think this is a well executed album, with high production quality. It is rare to find albums so well produced. After listening to this I am greatly intrigued about the book to follow, and I look forward to seeing them live.


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